Flights to Roatan are some the most expensive of any Caribbean destination... here’s why….

Located in the western Caribbean, Roatan is just 700 miles from the US mainland. It is a 1 hour 50 minute flight from Miami, and just over 2 hours from Houston and Atlanta. Roughly the same distance from New York to Chicago.

So why is this flight so expensive? There is a rumor on island that an airline executive answered that question with a very blunt “because we can.” But we at decided to investigate the possible reasons for these outrageous airfares.

We checked airfares for the week of April 18th to April 25th, not a particular high-season in fact it’s only expected to be moderate traffic. We used for research and here’s what we found…

Maimi to Roatan Island direct flight with American Airlines is just 1 hours and 50 minutes in duration. A recent price check shows the flight at $945 USD. For a comparison American Airlines offers tickets from Miami to Rio de Janero Direct, an 8.5 hour flight from $932 USD.

So why the high price for the Roatan flight? We believe it is because Rio de Janero doesn’t have the crystal blue water of Roatan’s stunning lagoons. The Caribbean clear waters surround the green island and are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

Denver to Roatan Island direct by United Airlines is $937 USD for 5.75 hours with one connection in Houston. A Denver flight to Vancouver, BC a 7 hour flight comes in at just over $460 USD. So why the high price for the Roatan Flight? It may be because the rugged hillsides of Roatan are covered in lush vegetation, stunning ocean views and riddled with exciting zip lines, and nature parks. Roatan’s lush hillsides meet with the beautiful Caribbean Sea with white sand beaches, and amazing ironshore.

Delta Airlines will fly you to Roatan direct from Atlanta, with a flight time of 3 hours and 25 minutes for the small sum of $935. (American will do it with 1 stop for $950). Delta will fly you to Hawaii for $823 USD more than $100 less, but roughly 9 hours of additional flight time. If you enjoy roughly 4 meals of airline food, and 9 hours in economy class seating, then maybe Hawaii is for you, otherwise the calm tranquil waters around Roatan feature some of the best diving in the world, and some of the most convenient. Situated on the Meso-American barrier reef system, the second largest in the world. Roatan’s coral reefs gardens are typically just 100 feet off shore. No long boat rides, no riptides or crashing waves. The Bay Islands feature some of the finest, and most convenient diving in the whole world. Trade your surfboard for some snorkel gear.

Now while writing this article, United Airlines dropped their prices to favorable levels just $504 from United direct. We hope that American and Delta take notice, because we are nominating United Airlines as the Roatan’s only common-sense airline…. For now.

Roatan Island is one of the most unique destinations in the Caribbean and well worth any airfare, but we don’t want you to waste your hard earned money, so make sure you read our travel tips at Roatan Info on getting to Roatan on the cheap.

Also remember to Download the Roatan App on Google and Apple App Stores. It’s completely free and a great source of up-to-date information.

Happy travels, and see you on the beach!

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03 Mar 2015

By Ilias Scott